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A – Z Guides:

Q: Where can I buy the A-Z guides?
A: www.aromatools.com, www.EssentialOilGear.comwww.myoilbusiness.com


Q: Can anyone explain bonus’?
A:  Bonuses are paid on the 15th of the month but you must qualify from the 1st to the 30th .

Compensation Plan: 

Q/A: Where can I learn more about the compensation plan?

doTERRA Phone Numbers:  

Q/A: Where can I find the doTERRA phone numbers to get help with my ordering questions?

Education on Oils:

Q: Where can I go online to learn more about oils?
A: Access the Expert/oil-education             A: Essential Oil University

Ensuring Success

Q:  Is there a formula that will ensure my success as a builder? A:  Yes

  1. Set Goals:
    1. short term and long term.
    2. Know where you are going.
    3. Create a Vision Board.
  2. Every Day (M-F):
    1. Share doTERRA with 2 new contacts
    2. Follow-up with 2 old contacts
    3. Contact your front line
    4. Listen to Daily Mentor Calls
    5. Educate yourself about the product
    6. Read or listen to Personal Development books; perhaps join Book of Month Club
  3. Weekly:
    1. Present Reinventing Healthcare
    2. Participate in Weekly Team Calls and Weekly Webinars
  4. Monthly:
    1. Teach at least one Getting Started class.

Essential Oil Definition:

Q/A: What is an Essential Oil?

Fast Start

Q: Can you explain the Fast Start program to me?
A: The enroller and two enrollers above them are paid a percentage of the enrollees total purchase point amount in for the first 60 days of their enrollment. The points come back in the form of a check within the week of enrollment.

  • The enroller receives 20% of anything the new IPC buys, the next up line receives 10% – the next receives 5%
  • Fast Start bonuses go to the person who is the enroller, which is not necessarily to the person above you on the graphic tree.
  • Click here for more details…

High Resolution doTERRA Graphics:

Q/A:  Where can I download some high resolution graphics of the doTERRA products and logos?

Leadership Pools

Q:  What is the Leadership Pool
A:  Click here for details…

Loyalty Rewards Program Loyalty Rewards Orders (hereafter are referred to as LRP orders)

Q:  What is a Loyalty Rewards Order and how does it work?
See Videos Here..
A:  A Loyalty Rewards Order is an autoship program order that actually gives you better than wholesale prices on your personal product purchases.  It has many benefits, helps you grow faster if you are a builder, but is a savings no matter what.

  • The best day for an LRP order is the 5th of the month, or before the 15th.
  • You must maintain 1-49 points to maintain your LR points.
  • 50 PV will advance the % each month by 5% until you reach 30%.
  • To receive “Fast Start” bonus or other bonuses you must have a 100 PV order.
  • If your LRP order is more than 125pv and you receive it before the 15 the of the month, you will receive a free bottle of oil.
  • Builders will move faster if they maintain 150 PV.
  • If you are receiving a bonus always keep your template at least at 100 PV.
  • If you need to cancel your LRP order use your accrued rewards points before you cancel. (Points are not given until the 15th of the month following an order, so you will always lose some points if you cancel.)
  • You must call doTERRA to cancel your LRP order. (800 411-8151). It cannot be done online.
  • Let your enroller know if you plan to cancel your LRP order. It may affect his/her bonuses.
  • For those who don’t like to use a credit card, they can still do LRP by setting it up by phone and paying cash or check at pickup.

As a Business Builder: Always Keep your LRP order at a minimum of 100 pv. Your LRP order of $100 is tax deductible.

LRP Order

Q: How do I make an LRP order?

A: Go to www.mydoterra.com. Sign in with “Member ID”, (which is your IPC number) and your personal password.  Then, go to ‘Consultant Services’, then to’ Order Processing’, and then ‘Manage LRP orders’ and set up or edit your order on the left of the page.

Loyalty Rewards points:

Q: Can someone explain the Loyalty Reward points to me?
A: You need to order something on a LRO to keep your loyalty rewards points.

  • You must have at least a 50 PV order to accrue Loyalty rewards points.
  • Use your Loyalty rewards points within a year.
  • There is a $3.00 fee charged on processing Loyalty reward points.
  • Reward points can only be used for product with full PV value.
  • If your order of free oils is more than the LR points you have, you will not be charged tax, but you will not receive PV points for any of your order.

Order Pickup:

Q: If I have more than 10 orders to pick up at doTERRA, where do I email them the order information?
A: Send an email to orderpickup@doterra.com that includes the IPC’s name, number and order number for pickup.

Other Peoples Experiences:

Q:  Where can I read other people’s experiences?
A:  Access the Expert – Sharing Link           A:  Our Team Blog


Q:  What does OV Mean?
A:  OV means Organizational Volume or the combined volume of everyone in your downline.

  • You must maintain 600 pv in organizational volume among you and your front line to receive bonuses.
  • It is recommended to have three IPCs on your front line with each one ordering 150 PV per month.


Q: Can you explain Placement to me?
Placement means to move an enrollee to another person in your line.

  • Put business builders on front line until you have three builders.
  • Put retail customers as far down as you can.
  • You can move people within 30 days of their enrolling at placements@doterra.com
  • Enroller is the one who introduced you to the company. They receive Fast Start Bonuses
  • Sponsor is about location in the organization, and do not receive Fast Start Bonuses, unless they are also the enroller.

Power of 3 Requirements:

Q/A: Where can I find out more information about the Power of 3 Requirements?
A: When at least you and three people on your frontline have Loyalty Rewards Orders of at least 100 PV, and your total front line volume for the month is at least 600 PV, you will receive a $50 bonus. When each of those three have the same, then you will receive a $250 bonus. When each of those nine have the same, then you will receive a $1500 bonus. Do not check your power of three bonuses with graphic tree.

Printable Product Sheets:

Q/A:  Where can I find some sheets about the individual products that I could print at home?

Printable Tear Sheets:

Q/A:  Can I just print the tear sheets instead of spending so much money to get them?

Product Guide Online:
Q: Is there a product guide online that I can reference?
A: doTERRA Tools


Q: What does PV mean?
A:  PV means product value. PV also means Personal Volume or what you personally order.

  • It is used because there are so many different currencies used in the world and the company needs one common value for the products.
  • It is the same as the dollar value for all of the oils, and some of the other products also have full PV value.
  • For most kits the PV is less than the dollar value.
  • Brochures or promotional products have no PV

Rank Bonuses

Q:  What is a Rank Bonus and when do I get them?
A:  Once you achieve the rank of silver you participate in company bonuses.

Retail Sales

Q:  How can I earn money on retail sales?
A:  Click here for further details…

Sample Bottles:

Q: Where do I buy the little sample bottles?
My Oil Business       A: Aroma Tools


Q: How does the Uni-level work?
A:  A certain percentage is paid in bonuses for volume purchased on each level up to seven levels. No Unilevel bonuses are paid if a fast start bonus is being paid. Click here for more details…

Virtual Office:

Q/A: Where do I find my Virtual Office?  


  1. You mention that for builders, 100pv orders are tax deductible… is this doTERRA approved??

    • This information was taken directly from doTERRA’s information that is available to the public.

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