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DigestZen is one of the doTerra Blends that is considered an effective metabolic blend (like Slim and Sassy and Zendochrine). This is major active relief in a bottle.

Dr. Hill’s experience with patients and his research has concluded that most gastrointestinal disorders are secondary to inflammation from bacteria, viruses, parasites and other microbes and a lack of good nutrition.

Properties: Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-micorbial, anti-nausea, anti-parasitic, anti-spasmodic, Soothes Hangover symptoms (alcohol, sugar, carbohydrate or meat protein) Soothes and subdues acid reflux, stimulates repair of damaged tissues of the digestive system, been credited with reducing polyps in the intestinal tract.

Ginger: anti-spasm and anti-nausea, dissolves old mucus, warming and comforting, can inspire courage, excellent digestive aid; warming to tissues and organs, uplifting and motivating of spirit. Excellent for Rheumatic Fever Recovery.

Peppermint: It relaxes the smooth muscles of the intestinal tract and promotes peristalsis. Soothing and cooling for the whole body. Kills bacteria, parasites, yeasts, fungi and mold. Known to help relieve distress from food poisoning, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, flatulence, halitosis, colic, nausea, and motion sickness. Enhances bile processing. And reduces heat of fever so body can deal with restoring healing with less discomfort.

Tarragon: Antiseptic and combats intestinal parasites and urinary tract infections; anti-infectious, prevents fermentation in the intestinal tract, assists absorption of B Complex vitamins in intestinal tract. anti-micorbial, reduces muscle spasms, is Great in helping to relieve genital urinary tract infections,

Coriander: Is soothing to the Pancreas and the Gall Bladder, besides assisting in processing of nutrients; anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, and motivates good oxygenation. Increases action of basic digestive enzymes so nutrients can be absorbed to create healthy new cells.

Fennel: Helps to improve digestion by supporting the liver. It may also help balance hormones;

Caraway: Subdues acid reflux, anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, anti-parasitic, Good relief of gas and pain of colic.

Anice: Calms and strengthens the digestive system, calms the sphincters, balances acid and supports creating an environment for healthy digestion.


Take DigestZen after food or on an empty stomach.

DigestZen is not that useful to diffuse.  Ingesting or applying is the best way to use DigestZen.

Digestive Blend (one drop in 4oz. of water works great)

Low back pain:  Put on stomach and get up and walk around.  If back pain stops, it’s possible that they have long term constipation.  Do they drink water?  Or coffee?  Coffee is opposite of water.  Low water intake causes constipation.  Get on GX Assist, water drinking, Digest Zen.

Sinus Congestion:  DigestZen on the bridge of the nose if the Breathe or Peppermint don’t work.

Indigestion: DigestZen on the wrists.

DigestZen around the core of the stomach and on the wrists for nausea, severe indigestion, vomiting, diarrhea, cramping, food poisoning, acid reflux, esophageal burning, gas, bloating, colic (tiny baby on bottom of feet),

DigestZen Ingested prior to each meal will assist in good digestion and depress Candida overgrowth in the stomach, discourage mold circulation, calm acidic food reaction, and assist in eliminating parasites, will reduce acid and inflammation of tissues it comes in contact with to allow system to return to natural state of excellent good health.

DigestZen applied on the forehead will help relieve cold and sinus infection congestion, applied along the nose and on the cheeks can relieve more congestion.

DigestZen applied to the reflex points on the bottoms of the feet and hands can assist people getting off of over the counter anti-acid medications. Will stimulate great digestion and assist in absorption of nutrients from food DigestZen applied around the core of the stomach can relieve seasonal allergies.

DigestZen applied around the core of the stomach and on the low back for low back pain (and when the pain is relieved or lessened while in motion) can indicate that long term constipation can be relieved with consistent use and increase in water intake and walking for minimum of 20 minutes each day at a steady pace (not fast just steady and consistently).

Recovering From Flu: 1 drop DigestZen added to warm water makes a great soothing cup of tea when recovering from flu or during lots of travel stops to help body get back in balance.

DigestZen 3 drops, Melissa 2 drops, Lavender 2 drops, Oregano 2 drops in a capsule 2 times a day suggested upon return from a recently flooded zone (hurricane or flood where mold could have sprung up or after tornado destruction – like in Joplin, Missouri)…to eliminate molds that might have been breathed or eaten from the air.

Ulcer: Dr. Hill recommends DigestZen, Oregano and Lemongrass in capsules 3-4 times a day to heal ulcer and balance H-Pylori that may have been cause.

Colitis: DigestZen 3 drops, Lavender 2 drops, Melaleuca 2 drops

Headaches: For headaches associated with flu, cold, cough or sinus issues
apply DigestZen to bottoms of feet, especially the big toe and the bones behind the ear (may dilute with coconut oil if very sensitive skin) on the headache points of the hands and wrists.

Candida: Sometimes when applying DigestZen on the core for the first couple of times in people who are new to oils a little rash may appear on the stomach, which is just Candida that was already present in the system, that the wonderful pure oils released thru the skin. Discontinue use on the tummy area and just ingest or apply to the bottoms of the feet.

Menstrual Cycle Cramping and constipation: DigestZen 3 drops, Whisper 3 drops, Marjoram 3 drops – rub on the stomach area of cramping as needed—before sleep in anticipation of relief DigestZen can be used in suppositories with virgin coconut oil in ratio of 20 drops of DigestZen with 1 tablespoon of virgin coconut oil to sooth vomiting and intestinal distress.

DigestZen may be used in a retention enema, for ridding the colon of parasites and Digestive Candida.

Rheumatic Fever: DigestZen applied to chest after diluted 4-5 times a day. Avoid dairy products and white sugar during recovery.

Morning Sickness: Dilute with coconut oil and massage into tissue of the outer ear
gently, and drink plenty of water.

IBS:  DigestZen on feet or hands helps balance IBS.  On stomach it can start pulling toxins out and can give an allergic reaction which is really on a rash showing that it’s being pulled out.

Rash:  Epson Salts or oatmeal bath and let dry.

NO GALLBLADDER:  Get off prilosec and use 2 drops of DigestZen in water and drink it.  When you get off medication it takes 3 days before a bad aftermath of acid reflux.  It is a sling shot affect.  Apply DigestZen on feet and hands at the same time coming off the drugs.  Helps transition.

Cyst (fluid Sack) on Pancreas:  Pancreas is slow to go down and slow to rebuild.  6 months on EAT & Be Lean.  2 drops DigestZen in water before every meal.  Lose orange juice. It is too high acid content.  Remember that the wild orange oil comes from rind not the meat.


*The information contained on this website is for informational uses only and should not be construed as medical advice. Consult with a qualified medical professional before you begin any nutritional supplement program. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Dr. Susan Lawton bio: Dr. Susan Lawton, Founding doTERRA Gold
Dr. Sue is an RN, has two Ph.Ds., (the first in clinical physiology and the second in basel chemistry) and has been using essential oils for 39 years. Between her continued book study and hands-on experience, she’s a perfect example of knowing a good oil and the effects it should create when used properly. She LOVES doTERRA’s essential oils and is grateful she doesn’t have to spend her time sourcing pure and potent essential oils any longer. She has a beautiful gift of teaching whatever the subject is, in a perfect understandable way.  Dr. Sue lives in New Jersey with her wonderful husband, John.  They are a very important asset to the doTERRA team.

SOURCE:  www.builddoterra.com


  1. Reading the protocol on Digestzen for no gallbladder-how often do you drink the water with 2 gtts in it. As well, what is the maintenance dose to continue off the Prilosec?

  2. Have you ever heard of DigestZen reacting with face lotion containing AHA’s? I have used Digestzen on the bridge of my nose to clear out old mucus since I am prone to sinus infections. It worked great. Just recently I tried doing it again and I either broke out in hives or burned my skin only where I applyied the Digestzen. I do not have sensitive skin and can usally put most products on without problems. Have you heard of this happening and what would you suggest doing to aleavate these symptoms?

    THank you!

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